Magazine Training in India

February 1, 2016

I just returned from spending a week in Kochi, India. I was invited to be a trainer in a magazine training event where we spent a week working with Christian magazine publishers from India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, and Kenya. (more…)

To My Girls…

August 16, 2015

There are now three supremely important ladies in my life. I say “ladies” because the word reflects, to some degree, the point I hope to make in this article. I am still learning how to treat a woman, but I am learning… from experience and from my mistakes. I hope I will be a good man to these three women and demonstrate in my actions what I am saying with my words in this article. (more…)


September 17, 2010

Recently I visited my dad’s grave in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Whenever I do this I always walk a very short distance and pay my respects to others I have known who are buried near my dad. I’d like to take a minute here and (more…)

A Legacy Not Buried

September 10, 2010

Today I visited the grave where my dad is buried. I’ve done this for years whenever I visit my hometown of Bartlesville, Oklahoma. I have wondered why I feel compelled to do this when I’m here. (more…)

An Unblemished Male

March 10, 2010

…he is to bring an unblemished male. – Leviticus 1:3b (HCSB)

We know very little about Jesus’ childhood. We can speculate, however, based on what we know about the world in which he grew up. The Life and Times of Jesus The Messiah by Alfred Edersheim is a classic and certainly  (more…)

Fundamental Life Questions

March 10, 2010

Teaching Adults - Rick Edwards, CompilerI wrote the following article with Dr. Ross McLaren while I was the Adult Sunday School Director at LifeWay Christian Resources. It was published in a leader training book we produced for Bible teachers of adults called Teaching Adults: A Guide for Transformational Teaching. The book is still available, but I doubt if LifeWay is still referencing it in any way. Still, I believe the content of this article is relevant and reflects how people develop a unique worldview. This article is actually just a small piece of a longer chapter. Other segments will be posted as separate articles. And yes, I got permission to use this content for personal purposes. 🙂 (more…)

Pre-Marital Counseling

March 9, 2010

I do not require pre-marital counseling for weddings I conduct. That’s not because I don’t think it’s important, but because most couples already possess the basic relational elements that will either make for a good start or destine the marriage for failure before it even begins. Counseling can help, but only to a degree. (more…)

Technology in Ministry

March 6, 2010

The following article was written for and published in YouthWorker Journal in March of 2006. It’s also posted on And while it’s written to youth ministers, it’s also relevant to all ministries that utilize “technology”.


Technology is cool. Really cool. And rightly so. Technology has been here since the beginning. According to Genesis, the only thing older than technology is the Godhead itself.

Think about it. Creation is the single most cataclysmic technological event in the history of the universe. Theologians tell us that God created all that exists “ex nihilo” — out of nothing. Talk about a technological marvel! (more…)

Looking For A Job?

August 7, 2009

A number of things have happened in the past year that led me to think about being prepared for a job search. In addition to fears created by a difficult economy, I’ve had friends who lost their jobs and asked for my help in finding new employment. The following suggestions were born out of many years of frontline management where I’ve interviewed, hired, and fired (more…)

A Holy Place, A Humble Place

March 20, 2009

It seems pretty to clear to me that the work of Christ in the incarnation, on the cross, and in the resurrection has ushered in a new kind of kingdom; a kingdom “not of this world”. If that is the case, then the Kingdom of God now exists in the “hearts of men” and not in buildings or even special places of creation. In the technical sense, then, there are no “holy places” we can visit on a tour bus or on a plane. Still, there are those physical places that seem to hold a unique place in the heart of God that we might refer to poetically as “holy”. Today I stood in one such place. (more…)