Pre-Marital Counseling

I do not require pre-marital counseling for weddings I conduct. That’s not because I don’t think it’s important, but because most couples already possess the basic relational elements that will either make for a good start or destine the marriage for failure before it even begins. Counseling can help, but only to a degree.

I particularly enjoy getting to know couples so I can be a resource to them well after the wedding. That’s why I strive to facilitate a wedding they’ll be proud of and build an ongoing relationship with the couple. I like to stay in touch with them as much as practical after they’re married.

The principles we discuss in counseling are born out of my own experiences and failures. I failed in my own marriage, but I learned in that failure and have learned a great deal about relationships since then. I also draw upon biblical teachings regarding grace, leadership, intimacy, and roles.

For those couples that desire pre-marital counseling, we will examine communication, money management, intimacy, and spiritual life. We’ll also explore other areas of need that may become apparent. Couples often identify specific areas they wish to address. Sometimes I’ll meet with each person individually in addition to meeting with them together. My goal is to discern the needs of the couple and meet those needs.

Conducting a wedding is a ministry for me and pre-marital counseling is part of that ministry. I do not charge for weddings or counseling. It’s more important to me that I build a relationship with the couple so I can be part of their lives down the road.

If you have specific questions about pre-marital counseling or other counseling needs, please contact me at