Zach, Alli, Sadie, and Heidi

Zach and AlliThere are many wonderful things I could say about my son, Zach Edwards. Perhaps most important is that he has a genuinely tender heart for the Lord and for people, especially those he perceives to be at some kind of disadvantage. I have admired his loyalty toward his friends and am proud of the natural way he connects with people. He has a gift in that way that I greatly envy. I believe Zach senses a calling on his life and I’m anxious to see how that finds expression in the years ahead. Zach loves his wife (Alli) and their little girls, Sadie Rose and Heidi Paige. We are enjoying watching them grow and watching Zach and Alli navigate the usual challenges that come with being young parents.

Sadie Rose

Heidi Paige

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