Management is an art. And while management often involves processes and products, its greatest challenges and rewards come from managing people. Businesses love to proclaim that their most valuable asset is their people. Such pronouncements often fall short of reality when push comes to shove. I hope the people I have managed would say I treated them with value…

Production and Operational Management
– Responsible for all operations at Salem Publishing, managing more than 20 people
– Manage P&L on all aspects of the business
– Manage all aspects of production, sales, marketing, fulfillment and accounting
– Directed a department of 50 people producing 40 quarterly and seven annual titles at LifeWay

Management Strengths…
– Process: Ability to visualize, design and implement processes to accomplish desired goals
– Strategy: Ability to see the “big picture” and design plans for achieving the primary goal(s) with 15 years strategic planning experience